Reshaping Rochester virtual event with Dr. Destiny Thomas

May 26,2021 at noon
via ZOOM

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Community Conversation
Dr. Destiny Thomas' Presentation

June 2, 2021 at noon
via ZOOM

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Our Mission


The Community Design Center of Rochester advances quality design to create healthy communities that are equitable, accessible and resilient. (Previously Adopted)


To be the recognized leader of quality community planning and design, catalyzing improvements in the public realm and championing citizen engagement in the process. (Previously Adopted)

Why we exist:

Life is better in well designed spaces because how well we build impacts how well we live.


We conduct ourselves by displaying values you can see.  The Community Design Center of Rochester is dedicated to demonstrating:

·         Integrity through honesty and strong moral principles

·         Respect for the importance of the public realm.

·         Leadership in ways that empower those we work with

·         Openness through listening and being welcome to different perspectives

·         Inclusivity by welcoming a diverse representation of ideas

·         Independence by presenting our views with fairness and objectivity

·         Design Excellence grounded in sound planning and architectural principles

·         Civic engagement through education, advocacy, and facilitation

·         Opportunity with the spirit of possibility

·         Transparency in a manner that builds trust

·         Collaboration with community partners and stakeholders





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A virtual presentation on healing & atonement and the intersection with building a just community with Dr. Destiny Thomas

Dr. Destiny Thomas is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Thrivance Group. An Anthropologist Planner from Oakland, CA, Dr. Thomas, has a combined 6 years of experience working in a Project Manager capacity within government agencies. These roles include 3.5 years as a Caltrans Environmental Planner (based in Fresno, CA) and 2.5 years as a Transportation Planner with the City of Los Angeles. In addition to this, Dr. Thomas has 7 years of experience leading key advancements in racial equity initiatives across the state by way of community organizing, policy writing, and non-profit management in communities that have been most impacted by racial inequities.

Wed, May 26, 2021 | 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM EST | via Zoom
(pre-registration required)

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Dr. Thomas' Community Coversation will be held on Wed., June 2. Register Here