Thank you to our Charrette Facilitators

Kathleen E. Anderson
Tatiana Baglioni
Thomas M. Bailey
Rebecca Barone
JoAnn Beck
Paula Benway
Dean Biancavilla
Tim Burke
Dave Burrows
Jules Chiavaroli
Lewis Childs
Jules Chivaroli
Laura Civiletti
Emily Connors
Robert Corby
Chris Costanza
William Dean
Howard Decker
Joanne DeMarle
Steve Ferranti
Ryan Fogg
Maria Furgiuele
Malinda Gaskamp
Ken Glazer
Carla Grace
John Gray
Thomas Hack
Mike Hall
Jason Haremza
Dwight Harrienger
Andy Hintenach
Daniel Hollowell
Mark Horton
Cynthia Howk
Chris Iversen
Nancy Jendryasek
Craig Jensen
Jay Judson
Glenn Kellogg
David Kruse
Michael Kuz
John Lam
Caitlin Meives
Nicole Mihevic
Paul Minor
Peter Morse
Jeff Mroczek
Donald Naetzker
Richard Napoli
John Osowski
John Page
Alfred Pardi
David Plumlee
William Price
Tim Raymond
Mohamed Razak
Carl Richardson
Richard L. Rosen
Joe Rudniski
Sean Salber
Mary Scipioni
Peter Siegrist
Andrew Spencer
Sue Steele
Jennifer Takatch
Stephen Takatch
Paul Tankel
Stephen Thompson
Lynn Thurston
John Toth
Serge Tsvasman
Betsy Varno
Mike Volpe
Shanna Williams
Robert Wolfe

How You Can Help!

The Community Design Center is a small organization, so we depend on our volunteers for their invaluable time and assistance.
We have many kinds of volunteer opportunities, from helping out at our lecture series or conferences to assisting
with projects at the office.

We will be happy to accommodate your preference for hours and schedule. Call us or stop in with questions.

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Reshaping Rochester Lecture Series: Postcard mailings, promotions, hospitality at the lectures
  • Database management: Data entry and other computer tasks
  • Catalogue Library: Labeling, filing, data entry
  • Poster Distribution: Visiting your local merchants
  • Exhibit Openings: Mailings and promotions, hanging artwork, greeters, hospitality
  • Special Events and Conferences: Clerical and preparation work, transcribing notes, creating presentations, and much more
  • Miscellaneous Clerical Work: We can always use your help around the office!
  • Design Professionals: We welcome input and expertise from local and regional design professionals to assist with projects and facilitate charrettes

If you are interested in helping out or if you want to find out more, please contact us:
Click here to send us an e-mail.
1115 E. Main Street
Rochester, NY 14609

A special thank you to all of our Volunteers!

Tom Hryvniak
Patricia Partridge
Kat Sweeny
Debbie Oakes
Kirsten Muckstadt
Christine Ihle
Mike Governale
Carl Pultz
Heather Gray
Maria Furguiele
Louise Spinelle
Wayne Shipman
Sophie Paillard Elkin
Dana Satterlee
Kathy Whitbeck
Bob Williams
Serge Tsvasman (Serge & Friends)
Tom Bernhardi (Serge & Friends)
Dan Walpole (Serge & Friends)
Steve Day (Serge & Friends)
Phil Close (Serge & Friends)

We appreciate your help!